Machined for startups

Startups have a unique problem. Generally speaking, a startup is a new company, with a new product, entering a new market, under a new domain. This is a disastrous cocktail for SEO - no presence, no authority, no backlinks and no content.

For many founders, this can seem like an insurmountable uphill battle; waiting for months to see organic traffic, unsure whether you've done the right stuff on your blog or not. On top of that, startups usually operate under a stricter budget, so hiring SEO experts or agencies is a costly tradeoff with other expenses like investing in the product and hiring talent.

How we can help

Machined will be an invaluable tool in your toolbelt, you can start creating strong SEO Optimized content for your blog as early as you like. All you need to have nailed are the topics you want to cover and who your target audience is - our robots will do your keyword research and clustering, and then write high-quality interlinked blog content for you.

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