Humanize your Machined output - what a world we live in

What does it do?

The Humanizer will make your article sound more human to people by removing fluff, and replacing certain words and phrases that are commonly used by AI. The intention is to use more casual and realistic language and sentence structure.

How do I enable it?

This is an experimental feature so please enable experimental features first.

To enable the feature for any article, simply set the "Humanize" toggle to enabled.


In the below example, you can see how much more readable and less

### Specialized Hairball Control Food

Another effective approach to managing hairballs in cats is through specialized hairball control food. These diets are formulated with ingredients that promote healthy digestion and reduce the likelihood of hairball formation. They often contain a combination of dietary fibers that help to move hair through the digestive system.

Feeding your cat a high-fiber diet can assist in the natural passage of hairballs, as the increased fiber content helps to regulate bowel movements and promote regular elimination. Additionally, these diets often contain ingredients that minimize shedding, reducing the amount of loose hair ingested during grooming.

Consult with your veterinarian to determine the most suitable hairball control food for your cat's specific needs. They can provide guidance on the appropriate brand, formula, and feeding instructions to ensure optimal results.

Below is a direct diff so you can see the difference between the two texts:


The Humanizer makes use of GPT-4o as well as some proprietary post-processing. The cost depends on the length and complexity of the text but on average you will see token usage between 4,000 and 6,500 tokens.

At current pricing that means it costs roughly $0.05 - $0.8 per article

How does it impact article length?

Making articles read more human involves replacing words/phrases, paraphrasing and removing fluff - this usually results in much shorter sentences and paragraphs.

In current tests, this results in 30-40% less text in the article.

With this in mind, we recommend you choose a longer article than you normally would. For example, if you want a "Medium" article, select the "Long" option instead.

How does it impact ranking?

This is a new feature and is experimental, we don't yet have any empirical evidence of the impact on ranking. As a result of humanization you will likely see lower keyword density and increased keyword variance - both of which could lead to impact on ranking and cannibalization.

We are watching closely...

Will this make content pass AI Detectors?

No! That's not what we're focused on - the aim is to make articles read better to human readers.

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