Connecting to Webflow

The Webflow integration is still experimental, so make sure you turn on experimental features

Machined has a native Webflow integration that allows you to connect to your Webflow Sites and publish content directly to your CMS Collections.

How to get your Webflow Site API token

  1. Log into your Webflow dashboard

  2. Click the Settings icon for the site you want to connect

  3. On the left hand side, click on the "Apps and Integrations" tab

  4. Scroll down to "API Access" and click on the "Generate API token" button

  5. Give the key a name like "machined" and provide these permissions:

    1. Sites - Read only

    2. CMS - Read and Write

    3. Assets - Read and Write

  6. Copy the api token and keep it safe for the next steps!

Connecting your site

  1. Log into your Machined dashboard

  2. Click on "CMS Connections" on the main sidebar

  3. Click on the "Webflow +" button to add a new connection

  4. Add the api key that you created in the previous steps into the first input box

  5. Follow the steps to select the Site, Domain and Collection that you wish to connect to.

    1. Site: This should only show one option, select it

    2. Domain: Select the domain that you will publish to, internal links will use this domain

    3. Collection: Select the collection that you are connecting to, you should create one connection per collection

  6. Follow the steps to configure your field mappings between Machined and your CMS Collection

    1. Slug: This should be mapped to your article's slug (usually "slug")

    2. Title: This should be mapped to your article's title (usually "name")

    3. Content: This should be mapped to your main content field (it should be a Rich Text type field)

    4. Description: This should map to an excerpt or meta description field (this field is optional and can be skipped)

    5. Featured Image: This should be mapped to a field that stores your cover image (it should be an image field)


  • If you have issues connecting please reach out to the team on our in-app chat.

  • Each site collection should be connected individually, so if you have more than one collection on a single site, you can create one connection per site collection.

Known Issues

  • Tables and/or lists not showing properly

    • There is a known issue in Webflow where the RichText element doesn't properly display html tables and lists - due to this it can look like the article is broken in the Designer and Editor however the article will display fine when published on the live website

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