Configuring OpenAI API Keys

How to configure your API keys

Machined is a bring-your-own-key service, so you will need an OpenAI Platform account with billing enabled and a sufficient rate limit to create content.


It's super easy to get up and running:

  1. Sign up for an OpenAI Platform account

  2. Upgrade your OpenAI Platform account to at least Tier 2

  3. Create and copy an api key into Machined and start creating content

OpenAI Platform account

Machined requires you to have an OpenAI Platform account - you cannot use your ChatGPT or ChatGPT Plus account.

The Platform account is a standalone service which is billed using a credit based system and is paid separately to ChatGPT Plus. Essentially, you add credits to your account which get consumed when you use the API services.

Machined cannot use ChatGPT Plus - you must have an OpenAI Platform account.

If you don't already have an account, sign up here.

OpenAI Usage Tiers

Machined requires your OpenAI Platform account to be on Tier 2 or above

OpenAI imposes rate limits on all accounts in order to preserve fair usage and protect their platform from abuse. Rate limits restrict how many tokens an account is allowed to generate over a period of time, and it's usually a different limit for each model.

In November 2023, OpenAI introduced the concept of Usage Tiers, which are essentially predefined usage levels with a specific set of rate limits, shown below:

Users can progress and upgrade from one tier to the next by following the qualification steps outlined for each tier.

You can see the tier and limits for your organisation in your account limits page.


The below tables outlines how each of the usage tiers is supported and behaves.




Will not work

Tier 1


Can write articles one at a time - useful for evaluation purposes

Tier 2


Can write articles in bulk but might experience errors and timeouts

Tier 3+


No restrictions or limitations

Machined will allow you to connect an account that is on Tier 1 - but we allow this only for evaluation purposes as it allows you to play with the platform while waiting to qualify for the next tier.

Setup Guide

Generate an api key

Go to your OpenAI Platform account's api keys page and generate a new api key

When the key has been generated, click the Copy button

Add the api key

Go to the Machined Configuration popup and click on the OpenAI Configuration section

Paste you api key and click on the Verify button - this will verify and validate your account

If your account and key are valid, you will see success with a summary of your rate limits

If on the other hand you see an error or warning, please check the troubleshooting guide below


If you receive an error when setting your key, this usually means that there is a problem with either your OpenAI account or API key. Common reasons for invalid keys:

  • Typos - mistyped or incorrectly copied key

    • Copy the key again, ensuring it is correct

  • Throttling - an intermittent error with your api account

    • Wait a few minutes and try again

  • Revoked key - you are using an old key that has been revoked

    • Create a new key in your account and try again

  • You are on a Free OpenAI account - free accounts are not supported

    • Add a payment method and enable billing on your OpenAI Platform account

  • You have an insufficient Rate Limit - you need an account with sufficient rate limits

    • Double check your rate limits and ensure they are sufficient

    • You could reach out to OpenAI and ask for a rate limit increase

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