Writing Articles

How to write articles

This guide will take you through writing articles.


We will assume you have already created a cluster.

Prepare your articles

When your cluster has been constructed, you will be presented with the cluster view showing all of your articles.

As you can see above, a cluster will be comprised of one main article and a number of supporting articles, each one backed by a specific keyword, for which you can see keyword data including monthly search volume, competition and trend.

For each article, you can specify the AI Model, Tone of Voice and Perspective - dictating the way that the article is written and its length. You can also remove any article by clicking the remove icon on the left-hand side.

The Perspective and Tone of Voice are very important factors you should consider individually for each article as they can have a huge impact on reader engagement and bounce rate.

A good rule of thumb is to match the expectation of the reader, so for sensitive topics you could use a first-person perspective with an empathetic tone, whereas for technical topics you might want to use a third-person perspective and a professional tone.

We suggest you read the documentation for each to better understand when to choose which option.

Write your articles

You can then write individual articles one at a time, or write all of your articles at once.

Your articles are then sent to a background queue for writing.

Machined has advanced parallelisation technology in its article writer so on average, it takes under 1 minute to write an article with GPT-3.5 and 1-3 minutes to write an article with GPT-4. The actual time it takes to write an article depends on a number of factors though including how many other articles are queued for writing as well as the rate-limiting imposed by OpenAI.

Machined writes articles in the background, you do not need to wait for articles to be written, you are free to close the tab or exit the application. 🤯 🚀

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