Creating Clusters

How to create clusters
This guide will take you through creating a cluster.


We will assume you have already configured your API keys.

Create a cluster

To create a cluster, simply click on the "Create Cluster" button on the dashboard.
Click the "Create Cluster" button

Define your cluster

You need to define the target topic, audience and language for the cluster, as well as the base url that the content is going to be published on.
The base url can be just a website like or a website with some path structure like
The base url you provide here will dictate how internal links are created and whether they work as expected once published to your website. You should make sure you specify the correct base url as it will appear once your cluster is published.
Define the cluster's target topic, audience and language

Choose how to build your cluster

Next, you need to decide whether you want to use Auto-Pilot, which will perform automatic keyword research and clustering in order to create a cluster for you, or if you want to specify keywords manually (coming soon).
Choose how to create your cluster (only auto-pilot is available at the moment)
When using Auto-Pilot, you will be presented with another screen that lets you decide what size your cluster should be.
The cluster size is an important factor, too small and you won't cover enough of your topic, too large and you could suffer from keyword cannibalisation. If you are unsure start with a 10-article cluster.
Select a size for your cluster
Machined will start constructing a cluster for you, it will research relevant keywords and select the ones that will help you form a strong cluster.
Auto-Pilot will automatically construct a cluster for you
This part may take a few minutes but once it is complete you will be presented with your cluster, along with the chosen keywords, ready to write articles.