Internal Linking

Unlock the power of internal links
Machined will automatically interlink the articles in each cluster.
Machined's AI will intelligently interweave keyword-centric links into the natural text within each article. What this means is that your articles will be written with natural-sounding but keyword-targeted links to the other articles in your cluster.
An example of automatic internal linking
Internal links are added to the HTML as relative links, so should automatically work on your website assuming the articles are published side-by-side.
For example, assuming your website is - when published the browser will show these links as on the actual website.
We are working on a feature to allow you to create absolute links, you can track the progress here.
Avoiding broken links
If you publish all of the articles at the same time, all the internal links will work as expected. However, if you are planning to publish articles slowly over time, you should take care to avoid broken links. As you publish each article, remember to remove links to articles that haven't been published yet.

Disabling Internal Linking

There may be times when you don't want articles interlinked, for example if you intend to use an external tool instead.
To disable interlinking, set Interlinking to Disabled in the cluster before writing articles.