Publishing to WordPress

Publishing to WordPress is one-click for 99% of websites - once you've connected your website, you simply select it from the list and click "Publish".

We can also support some custom permalinks structures as well as publishing to categories, see the Special Cases based on permalinks section

Publish Status

Machined allows you to publish your articles with "draft", "private" or "publish" status.

Publish to Category

Machined lets you publish to a WordPress category, simply select it from the list of categories

If your permalinks contains the category slug like `` you should check the option to "Include category slug as part of the permalink"

There are some special case permalink structures that Machined can automatically deal with, see below.

If your permalink structure contains the category slug, as shown below:

Then you can include the category slug by checking the checkbox show below:

If you have a custom permalink structure like below:

You can include it by specifying a "Path"

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