Machined can generate featured images with DALL-E 3 using your OpenAI api key. You can configure automatic image generation for your clusters or manually create images for each article.

Machined provides 70+ pre-defined styles and let's you define the hue and tone of your images.

At time of writing this guide, the costs are:

  • 1024x1024 images are $0.04 each

  • 1792x1024 images are $0.08 each

See the OpenAI pricing page for more info...



You can enable automatic DALL-E 3 image generation for featured images, simply select DALL-E 3 in the Featured Images dropdown on your cluster, then select the settings you wish to use.

Each time an article is written in this cluster, a featured image will be created with DALL-E 3 using the settings you have selected.

Auto-generation of featured images only runs on articles that don't already have a featured image.


You can also generate featured images manually using DALL-E 3, open the featured image popup for the article in question and navigate the the DALL-E 3 tab.

From here you can generate images in two ways:

  1. Using the Style and Hue approach

  2. Define your very own custom prompt

When using a custom prompt, you are expected to define the entirety of the prompt and we will not add any keywords, style or overlay to the image - so make sure you are as explicit as you need to be to generate the perfect image.


Machined does not remove existing images when you generate new ones, so you can always go back to a previously generated image. You can see all images for an article by opening the Featured Images popup as described above.

Machined will store images for up to 3 months, at which point they will be permanently deleted, so please make sure you export images that you want to keep.


Machined allows you to use styles and hues when generating images, to help you keep consistency between images in your clusters.

Image size

Machined supports two sizes of image:

  1. Square @ 1024x1024

  2. Landscape @ 1792x1024

Image size is a global configuration on your account:

The cost per image is defined by OpenAI, consult their pricing page for more info.


The image style lets you define which artistic style the image will be created in. Some styles are more suitable that others depending on your niche, topic and keyword.

Below are examples of the available styles, generated for the keyword "how long do swans live".


The image hue can be used to define a color overtone to the images. This can help you follow a color scheme or a common tone.

Below is an example of a cluster using Teal as the hue:


General information and advice

DALL-E 3 is a relatively new model from OpenAI and may still be a bit unstable. We think it will improve over time, especially as OpenAI adds more resources to run the service and perfects the platform but we have noticed a number of issues to be aware of.

I was charged for an image that was not generated

Machined makes use of timeouts and other mechanisms to ensure service stability. This can sometimes lead to us cancelling API requests before we've received a response from OpenAI (when they take too long to respond to us). This can sometimes lead to occasions when an image has not been generated but you have been charged for it on the API.

I used the same style but the image came out different

DALL-E 3 is an AI model and as such, it's output can be very non-deterministic. We strive to perfect our prompts to ensure as much consistency as possible but this may not always be possible. If you are unhappy with an image, you can always generate a new one.

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